History about MSA

The Stony Brook Muslim Students Association began as a small group, all trying to balance college life with the deen. The students involved were few in number, but the community bond that we have today was as strong as ever. In 1992, this small group became an official, USG-recognized club. What had begun as iftaars in the basement of Humanities turned into what you see today. Each year brought something special to the organization. The Student Union became its home, a one-stop shop for any MSA member on campus. With the prayer room, wudhu stations, halal food, and Jumuah prayer on Fridays, the Union was the home of SBUMSA until December 2016. From 1992-2016, the organization grew exponentially. Each year brought in new passionate students and even the ones that graduated never forgot what they left behind. Today, the MSA holds numerous events throughout the year for 150+ people such as the Fast-A-Thon, Scarves for Solidarity, and more. None of it would have been possible without the work of each and every member since its very beginning. Whether it be event planning or even helping with event setup or prayer room cleanup, each person contributed something invaluable. Today, SBU MSA has a new home at the Melville Library but the legacy left by those before will remain for generations to come insha’Allah.

Our Chaplain Sister Sanaa

Chaplain Sanaa Nadim, or Sister Sanaa, serves as the Muslim Chaplain for Stony Brook University’s Interfaith Center. She graduated at the top of her class from Baruch College and became one of the first female foreign exchange traders on Park Avenue. She worked in the private sector for several years until she moved herself and her family to Long Island, where at Stony Brook University she became the first female Chaplain of any Muslim Student Association in the country. Chaplain Nadim built a name for Muslims across Long Island and de-fogged the confusion behind the faith’s beliefs. Chaplain Nadim currently sits on the advisory board for public television and represents herself and the Muslim community to Congress on Capitol Hill annually. Chaplain Nadim absolutely loves her job at Stony Brook University, particularly because of the phenomenally warm atmosphere amongst her colleagues and the understanding of the importance of a community. She built the Stony Brook Muslim Student Association and works tirelessly for its constructive growth, which was reflected by an American interfaith survey that noted Stony Brook University as having the largest Muslim Student Association in the nation. Chaplain Nadim has dedicated her life to the public service and her current agenda involves working with different religious and cultural organizations to continue building bridges among different faith groups. These are only a few of Chaplain Nadim’s remarkable accomplishments that represent her endowed dedication to serving the public.

Meet the E-board

Passionate and dedicated Students who have devoted their time and busy schedules for the better of MSA for the sake of ALLAH(SWT) and to bring Muslims together on one platform.

My name is Mehreen and I am a senior Health Science major. I previously served on the extended board for the MSA as the Community Service Co-Head and I have the honor of serving as your President this year! My vision for the MSA is to create a more open and welcoming community for Muslims and Non-Muslims, as well as for those within our own community who are underrepresented. I look forward to meeting you all and serving you well over the next year Inshallah.
Asalmu Alaykum! My name is Nurul and I am a senior Mechanical Engineering and Biology major. To say that my experience with MSA was life changing is an understatement. The people of this community, have made this organization a home away from home for me and a number of ways they have brought me closer to Allah and His Messenger are innumerable. I hope I can help extend this welcoming environment to you all, by serving as your Vice President! My goals for MSA next year is creating a welcoming environment for everyone Muslim or Non-Muslim and having events that tackle misconceptions about Islam. Fun fact about me is I like Photography. InshaAllah let’s make the most of this year together!
I am the brothers secretary. I'm a junior AMS major also on pre-med track. I like playing sports and joking around with people. My favorite quote is "I am who I am, opinion not needed." Also a fun fact about me is that I can speak Punjabi. InShaAllah we have a great year together!
My name is Anika and I'm a senior majoring in Sociology with a minor in Biology. Over the years, MSA has been my home and I'm very excited and honored to serve as your Treasurer! I love bringing smiles to people's faces and getting to know the people that make up this community. In addition to being treasurer, you can catch me capturing memories through videos and pictures throughout the year! Hope to see you around inshAllah!